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 Fords Savings Plus
 P.O. Box 476
Fords, NJ 08863

Founded in 2017, The Savings Plus will help your business maximize its success. We are a young growing business with a unique concept and the success of our Advertisers are the driving force.

The Savings Plus was ceated by people who have been in business and realize the importance of advertising while understanding it can also be cost prohibitive.

We thought why not do it ourselves...a co-op mailing of our we did and here we are.

With a background in graphic arts and printing we know what quality and deadlines are all about.

We believe there is no other local direct mail advertiser offering the quality, service and pricing we do.

We also know you may have limited funds, with us there are no contracts. You want one month you got one month. If you want to take more we offer our 3 month plan where you guarantee your placement and get a 10% discount. No need to lock your self into something that may not work for you.

Anyone who wants to have quality advertising at reasonable rates, be it business, municipal etc. we're here for